Toxic Free Baby Powder

Did you know that common products as simple as baby powder like this one from Johnson & Johnson’s contains toxins and allergens?…/Johnson%27s_Baby_Baby_Powder%2C_Ori…/…

Why not make your own!?  Easy peasy plus 100% natural and non-toxic! Add some doTERRA Lavender & Roman Chamomile for extra soothing and calming qualities for babe.

DIY Recipe here:

Bye Bye Candles…Hello Diffuser!

I am a recovering Yankee Candle addict.  I burned candles all the time.  From the minute I woke up until I went to bed.  Even forgot about them and left the house.  Thank God I never burned the house down.

So how does an avid candle user stop?  Oils & Education.  I love my essential oils for their support of our health & emotions.  And I love them for their yummy smells.  You can support your health, clean the air, and uplift your mood all with diffusing oils.   But the kicker was the education.  Learning how toxic candles are to our health is what made the switch so easy.  I would never intentionally harm my families health.  And for years of burning candles that is exactly what I was doing.  Polluting our home with chemicals and who know what else.  When we know better we do better, right?

Did I mention it is cheaper?  A bottle of Lemon doTERRA Essential Oil is $10 wholesale.  There are over 250 drops in the 15ml bottle.  I only use 2 drops in my Petal diffuser that runs from 4 hours.  That is only 8 cents.  Pretty awesome!

Here are my favorite diffusers.  Both have on/off light options and shut off automatically when they run out of water.  So no worries with burning down the house like with candles.  The Petal is much more pleasing to the eye.  But I have & use both.

Petal Diffuser


Urpower Diffuser






What’s in your wallet?

I love the Holidays, really I do.  But with the Family, Friends, extra cleaning, extra cooking, shopping, all the gatherings, not to mention all the germs… it can be exhausting.

Although I have a full arsenal of oils at home there are times I need them out & about.  So this is my support that is in my bag at all times.


The ones I don’t want out of arms reach!

💧Immune support (getting sick multiple times per year is not normal.).
💧Mood balancing (my two favorite smells).
💧Easing head tension pain (cold weather, guests, and traveling, plus Christmas music.
💧Healthy inflammatory response (maintenance is key).
💧And a delicious energy boost (gotta get stuff done)!

Yes, essential oils can do all of that! Now that I’ve experienced it, I won’t ever go back to just winging it through life.


Happy, Focus, Immunity, and Calm Essential Oil Blend Rollers


Ready to enjoy the benefits of essential oils?  Start feeling the difference with this pre-diluted ready to use gift set.  Glass bottles with Steel roller balls for best application.  Made with only the highest quality CPTG essential oils.  Diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Comes with a handy carrying case.  Sets available in Clear Glass or Blue Glass.  $25 each

*tax and shipping not included


Drink your water

We are suppose to drink lots of water every day.  Whatever your weight is in lbs, you divide that number in half and that is how many ounces.  Dang!  That’s many ounces for me.  So I add doTERRA essential oils to healthfully flavor my water and assist in boosting my immunity.

doterra citrus pic

Get it right with your money

Money issues can be a huge stressor for me.  Living paycheck to paycheck is not my idea of the American Dream.  The bonus of money issues are the relationship issues.  No one ever talked about that in economics.  I don’t remember the chapter on arguments over money, collection calls, credit card bills and shut-off notices.  The amount of negativity that handling your money badly causes is palpable.

So what changed?  I was walking with a neighbor one night when she mentioned this book about money.  B-o-r-i-n-g was what rang through my mind.  But as she kept talking I found myself intrigued.  By the end of our walk I wanted that book.  But I didn’t have the cash for that.  So I went to the library.  It was checked out. Ugh!  I’m not the most patient of gals.  I submitted a request and was put on the list.  I can’t remember how long I waited.  Long enough to have forgotten my dire need for this book.  So when I was notified, I didn’t run right over.  When I finally did go and pick up the book it sat for a couple days.  Then I picked it up one night.  Started reading the first couple pages.  And BAM!  I was already in.  Hook, line & sinker.

The book was The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  And if you are around me more than a few minutes his name will roll off my tongue.  I am eternally grateful to him and his team.  We were in debt up to our ears.  We were down to one car because we couldn’t afford the repairs.  So hubby was taking the bus.  I was home with a 3 year old and a 5 year old.  We were living in a rental 4 hours away from our house that was for sale.  Our money was a hot mess.  Dave changed it all.  He showed us how to get out of debt, save and handle money.  I still listen to him on iHeart radio.  My favorites are the debt free screams.   Get the book, go to Financial Peace University and get right with your money too!

total money makeover picfinancial peace university picv

iheart radio