Burning Sage & Palo Santo

Ever want to try burning sage?  It is way easier and faster than you would imagine.  But there are a few tips & tricks that will help you and keep you safe.

Let me explain why this is even a thing to do.  Smudging or burning sage is believed to clear or purify negative energy in the space.  The best times to do this is after moving into a new space, after big life changes, entertaining guests, and before meditation.

How to smudge.  First I recommend getting a small bowl of dried rice.  This will be used when snuffing out the sage.  Second open all window.  Get your sage.  White or Desert are the most popular to use in this way.  Then light you sage on fire.  I do this over the sink so not to have ash or a hot ember to cause any concern or damage.  Once you have it burning well blow out the flame gently.  Your sage should now be smoking.  This is what you want.  If at any time your embers go out and your smoke stops just relight and continue on.  Walk the inside perimeter of your space.  Going from corner to corner allowing the smoke to bellow up to the ceiling.  When doing multiple rooms just continue from room to room over doorways and windows.  I like to do inside closets and throughout the basement.  Depending on the size of your room (s) this should only take a few minutes.  When you have completed smudging all your space snuff your sage out in the bowl of dried rice.

Sealing the space.  To finish your clearing work now you light the Palo Santo stick and let it burn for 30-40 seconds before blowing out the flame.  While the holy wood is smoking you repeat the same activities you did with the smudging sage.  Then snuff the Palo Santo stick out in the dried rice.  This is meant to clean and heal your space.  Many people consider this the Sealing of the Cleansing.

Save you sage and Palo Santo stick for future cleansing.  I let mine sit in the dries rice over night to be sure all the embers have gone out.

After completing this and closing all your windows up you should take a moment and consider how your space feels.  I have always found my space to feel lighter and more peaceful.

Gold medalist Jamie Anderson and doTERRA Essential Oils

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