Trim Healthy Mama Life – THM

Where do I begin?  I never had a weight concern or issue until I was in my  30’s.  Then my lifestyle change started to show on my waistline.  Then I had a couple kiddos and more weight seemed to cling to me just about everywhere.  So as my babies became toddlers and life for me became a but more organized as a New Mom I started to focus on getting healthier and losing the dreaded weight.

Stress eater confessions.  I am a stress eater!  I can go all day on whatever foods the latest diet craze suggests but when “it” hits the fan” and “it” can be as simple as a filthy house, I turn to food.  Not just junk but any food.  But instead of finding a better coping skill I hired a personal trainer and white knuckled my way thru.  Well as you can imagine that didn’t work.  I worked out vigorously for 14 months.  Bootcamps, spin classes, walking for miles but I never found ANY results.  I actually gained weight.  My trainer said it was muscle and that was so good.  Ugh!  I was already feeling like a baby whale I want to see my weight drop.  Without the results and spending all that time and money I decided to stop.  I was also exhausted.  Seriously!  I would crash at least once a day.  And by crash I mean fall asleep or pass out.  I had my thyroid check every which way.  I went to a nutritionist who suggested I cut back on my olive oil when cooking.  Really?  Really??

2 years ago I went Whole Food Plant Based.  I am not afraid of work y’all.  And that is what it was, lots and lots of work.  I lost weight at first.  I felt amazing.  After a year of 4 hour batch cooking weekends and hardly ever eating out I turned to some “Wheat-Meat” foods.  They are like fake chicken and fake deli meats.  Just to make life a bit easier.   And then  the weight came back.  What the heck?!  I mean I am a stay-at-home & work-from-home Mom.  I don’t have time or money for this.

So earlier this month I found our about Trim Healthy Mama.  Apparently I am one of the last because this is a world wide hit.  Thousands of women & men are eating this way and getting healthy.  And I mean healing healthy not just healthy weight.  I got super excited and got all the books and began reading, listening to poddy’s, joining support groups, and learning.  I had not had meat in 2 years.  So my struggle now was do I eat meat again or not.  I have never claimed to be vegan so my choice was strictly for health reasons.  But could I even do it?  Thank God I am an “All in” kinda gal.  So, hells yes I can and will.  I want to heal.

I thought I would get sick.  I thought I would feel sluggish.  Eating WFPB is super clean and it felt good.  So what would happen now?  I feel good.  I mean great.  Life is so much easier preparing meals, shopping, and budgeting.   And mind you I try and only buy organic, hormone free, antibiotic free, free range, ya know all the healthiest versions of our food.  My family has all agreed that I am happier.  What?  I’m happier?  That is good but what was I before?  My guess is stressed.  There are versions of this THM plan that will support vegetarian, vegan, and are allergy friendly.  I think I will probably land on the vegetarian eventually.  Mostly because those are the foods I prefer.  Did I mention I am losing weight?  Yep!  I haven’t even done any workouts or exercising yet.  I am certain I wasn’t even doing it correctly at first.  The THM plan is to heal the body.  The body naturally want to heal and will release the excess weight as a by product of the healing.  Yes, you heard me right, the weight-loss is secondary and comes naturally.  Don’t miss that.  That is huge.  People are losing more than 100 pounds by eating delicious dinners with their families.  I was worried about traveling.  Just got back from a week vacation and it was easy peasy lemon squeezy.   There is recipes for everyone even the drive thru peeps.  I ate at Wendy’s and stayed on plan.  Wendy’s.  Crazy but true.

If you are like me and NEED a change.  Check it out.  They have the books at the library.  You can go on Pintrest.  You use real food so you can just shop at your local grocery stores.  Try it and comment what ya think.  I am amazed.  For additional support I use my essential oils.  If there is one thing I have learned after years of exercise and dieting it is that weight is all emotional.  Diets, lifestyle and exercise are only tools.  The real work is in your head.  Essential oils are the therapeutic support I need for this break though.