Bye Bye Candles…Hello Diffuser!

I am a recovering Yankee Candle addict.  I burned candles all the time.  From the minute I woke up until I went to bed.  Even forgot about them and left the house.  Thank God I never burned the house down.

So how does an avid candle user stop?  Oils & Education.  I love my essential oils for their support of our health & emotions.  And I love them for their yummy smells.  You can support your health, clean the air, and uplift your mood all with diffusing oils.   But the kicker was the education.  Learning how toxic candles are to our health is what made the switch so easy.  I would never intentionally harm my families health.  And for years of burning candles that is exactly what I was doing.  Polluting our home with chemicals and who know what else.  When we know better we do better, right?

Did I mention it is cheaper?  A bottle of Lemon doTERRA Essential Oil is $10 wholesale.  There are over 250 drops in the 15ml bottle.  I only use 2 drops in my Petal diffuser that runs from 4 hours.  That is only 8 cents.  Pretty awesome!

Here are my favorite diffusers.  Both have on/off light options and shut off automatically when they run out of water.  So no worries with burning down the house like with candles.  The Petal is much more pleasing to the eye.  But I have & use both.

Petal Diffuser


Urpower Diffuser






DIY OnGuard Cleaning Wipes

One of the many items I rely on are cleaning wipes.  They are so useful, ready when needed and with a houseful of family and pets they are always needed.  Once I read what was in my cleaning wipes I knew I had to find a better option.  I love my essential oil so why not give them a try.  I made these and fell completely in love.  They are safe, toxic free, work great, smell fantastic and big surprise….super easy to make and much less expensive than store bought chemical filled cleaning wipes I have been using for years.

  1. Cut paper towel in half with a serrated knife.  Use half now and half later.
  2. Remove and discard cardboard tube.  Place in Glass or Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Container.
  3. Combined water, Oils and Hand Wash in a small bowl
  4. Pour mixture over paper towel and cover with air tight lid for 10 minutes
  5. Pull wipes from center when ready to use.