Get it right with your money

Money issues can be a huge stressor for me.  Living paycheck to paycheck is not my idea of the American Dream.  The bonus of money issues are the relationship issues.  No one ever talked about that in economics.  I don’t remember the chapter on arguments over money, collection calls, credit card bills and shut-off notices.  The amount of negativity that handling your money badly causes is palpable.

So what changed?  I was walking with a neighbor one night when she mentioned this book about money.  B-o-r-i-n-g was what rang through my mind.  But as she kept talking I found myself intrigued.  By the end of our walk I wanted that book.  But I didn’t have the cash for that.  So I went to the library.  It was checked out. Ugh!  I’m not the most patient of gals.  I submitted a request and was put on the list.  I can’t remember how long I waited.  Long enough to have forgotten my dire need for this book.  So when I was notified, I didn’t run right over.  When I finally did go and pick up the book it sat for a couple days.  Then I picked it up one night.  Started reading the first couple pages.  And BAM!  I was already in.  Hook, line & sinker.

The book was The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  And if you are around me more than a few minutes his name will roll off my tongue.  I am eternally grateful to him and his team.  We were in debt up to our ears.  We were down to one car because we couldn’t afford the repairs.  So hubby was taking the bus.  I was home with a 3 year old and a 5 year old.  We were living in a rental 4 hours away from our house that was for sale.  Our money was a hot mess.  Dave changed it all.  He showed us how to get out of debt, save and handle money.  I still listen to him on iHeart radio.  My favorites are the debt free screams.   Get the book, go to Financial Peace University and get right with your money too!

total money makeover picfinancial peace university picv

iheart radio

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