Essential Oils

Everywhere you look you see or hear about essential oils now.   I grew up using essential oil so they are very common for me.  I use them and was able to replace the contents of my medicine cabinet, all my cleaning products (turns our they were loaded with toxins), all our personal care items, and even our pet care products.  Yes, you can use essential oil safely with your pets.  Well, at least one specific brand.  

Now that people want essential oils they are available everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  Like even at Walmart & the Dollar Tree.  Don’t get fooled.  Essential Oils are not created equal.  Most of them aren’t even real and those that are contain unwanted ingredients like pesticides, fungicides and fillers.  After much personal research I found that doTERRA goes to the extreme and does 3rd party testing to give you the most potent and highest quality essential oils on the market.  That is why I only use doTERRA.  

I use the oils Aromatically in my diffuser.  You just add water and a couple drops of your choice oil.  Right now I am diffusing OnGuard & Citrus Bliss.  They smell so yummy together and boost our immunity and uplift our moods.  The kiddos are home on break so staying healthy & happy is a must.

I also use many oils topically.  I dilute them safely with fractionated oil in a roller bottle.   My favorite rollers change often depending on my mood or how I am feeling physically.  Deep Blue is my best friend when my sciatic acts up.  But most days I am addicted to Jasmine.  It smells amazing and I use it as my perfume.  If you only knew what was in your store bought perfumes.  It is disgusting!  I used to love my store bought perfumes.  I spent a lot of money on them and wore them sparingly.  I wish I had know better.  I would have saved a ton of money and avoided so many toxins.

The 3rd way to use your essential oils is internally.  This is not the first choice for most.  Not sure why people are so cautious.  They drink glitter and coat their skin with fake fragrances, and eat processed fast food but ingesting a plant stops some in their tracks.  I have always ingested and raised my kid ingesting essential oils.  I take oils internally every single day.   Still here and feeling fabulous!

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